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Jyoti Public School is committed to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child, creating lifelong learners who will be the leaders of tomorrow. With parents as our partners, we aspire to create global citizens who are innovative and have a strong sense of values. Jyoti Public School at Gurgaon has chosen the path of educating our children as opposed to just schooling them. This year we are taking big strides forward.
Jyoti Public School endeavours to prepare each student for academic social and personal success by creating a community of empowered and diverse learners strive to be globally minded citizens in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and trust. *To build a firm foundation at schooling, essentially required by a student to handle the higher education of his/her choice. To provide not only balanced physical, moral, ethical and spiritual development but also development in all fields of life for complete grooming of students personality. *To instil and develop self confidence and courage in every student so that he/she can face society boldly. To create a sense of responsibility and leadership in every student. To perform a role of nation builder by sharpening the perceptions that contribute to national cohesion scientific temperament and independence of mind and spirit. *To impart and pass of cultural and heritage values to every student and pave the way for a learning environment seeking to produce an enlightened and sensitized citizen and a complete human being.
Shri L.R. Lalwani, Chairman Asar Bai Charitable Society, with his high level thinking to transform his vision into mission has given a new dimension with his thoughts and ideas in shaping this premier school with modern facilities. The students are provided with intellectually stimulating academic environment under the able guidance of quality teachers. The students are given the best possible exposure and experience so that they are prepared for tomorrow’s life. The lush greenery at Jyoti Public School provides excellent living, academic and sports infrastructure for the balanced development of all attributes of the personality of the child. At Jyoti Public School Gurgaon, it is our endeavour to develop our students into responsible citizens of our great nation so that they can address the challenges of life effectively and meaningfully. I wish the school, a forward journey towards higher peaks of excellence.
The prime objective of Jyoti Public School, is to focus on discovering, developing and drawing out the hidden potential and the magic lying dormant inside all of its students. From academics to co-curricular activities, perseverance and a never-say-die attitude are entrenched in the heart of every student not only making them good students but brilliant human beings. In today’s dynamic world, a 360 degree development and grooming is of supreme importance and through our campus, we create an inimitable environment for future leaders, entrepreneurs and professional who possess skills and aptitudes in an array of functional disciplines. We at the Jyoti Public School believe that the purpose of education is to prepare us for life. We, thus, strive to help our young people discover their own special talents and gifts which would eventually give them the vantage point in this journey of a life time. Each child is unique in a particular way. Apart from facilitating the brightest and the best to excel, schools must also endeavour to equip the weakest among us to outlast the vagaries of life. Intelligence is no longer considered as a singular, genetic quality measurable by a paper & pencil test. We need to transform our institutions to function as learning organizations, where people expand their capacity to create, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspirations are set free, where people are continuously learning how to learn together. Our belief- that school is a powerful and positive force that shapes the lives of future citizens is fuelled by our vision... And the contentment of Jyoti Public School stems from its contribution in imbuing a faith in all the JPSites that – “The potential to weave a brighter future for the nation and the world rests inside us.” With warm regards, Indu Sharma
We believe that qualified teachers are the only facilitators who awaken in the child a natural curiosity and desire for knowledge. Our dream is to nurture young men and women of honour, of character and of substance. We strive to instil in each child the right attitude and awaken an enlightened sensitivity of the higher values of life rather than on mechanical adaptation to the social machinery. Holistic development is the ultimate goal wherein children turn out to be confident, competent citizens who can be ambassadors of a vast country. With extensive teaching experience, each faculty member is both a teacher and an expert in his or her own field. Teachers plan their lessons in great detail and well in advance. Teachers here understand that every child learns differently & effort is taken to identify the learner and teach them the way they can learn.
• Science Laboratories: Every student is an enthusiastic scientist in the making, and they spend part of their school time in laboratory. They try to explore, probe and experiment to find the truth behind the facts of life, to solve problems. Laboratories are stimulating places for students and since our children need to, practice their hands on experiments. The school has well-equipped and well-stocked Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories where specimens, models, picture-charts and educational CDs are used as effective tools to teach Science. The Science Laboratories at JYOTI PUBLIC SCHOOL caters to the needs of CBSE experiments. The teachers are always at hand provide constant supervision and guidance for optimum results. Projects can be developed of a very superior standard thereby encouraging investigative. • Computer Lab: In this tech savvy world, we realize the role of school in making our students proficient from the day one. No profession can run in isolation as almost everything is interwoven with information technology. Our enthusiastic young students will be the budding professionals tomorrow, so, computer training is given keeping in mind today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision. Computer classes in schools are important to a well-rounded education. Students are instructed on the basics of computer use as early as kindergarten. Computer education is given keeping in mind today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision. The school has state-of-the-art computer labs equipped with the latest Processors and 24 x 7 online connectivity. The labs are multimedia equipped to provide online support to students and teachers. • Play fields: To ensure holistic development of the students, games and sports are an integral part of the school curriculum. The school boasts of vast play areas for the students. Cricket and football field, basketball court and Volley ball court are used by the students to hone their skills. Professional coach trains the students to excel In the sport/game of their choice. • Library: Reading adds newer dimensions to the body of knowledge. We at JPS Gurgaon, believe in inculcating a reading culture that enhances and compliments the education system. Books that capture the imagination of students reconfirm their facts and open newer doors of intellect are carefully chosen and made available to the students. The school library caters to all genres of books which are used as an index to a child’s inclination. Depending upon the students’ personal choice and fascination in a book – be it a Sci-fi, fiction, non-fiction, classic, adventure or drama, children can be guided into choosing the right subjects which are compatible with their areas of interest and inclination. Reference Books and Magazines keep the students abreast with all that’s happening around. Students are encouraged to give their suggestion about the kind of books they would like in the library, and our librarian does their bit to carry their suggestions further.The library offer reading material on a myriad subjects, reference books, encyclopedias, journals, magazines, , language games, etc. • Social Science Lab: Man is a social animal. In order to maintain relations between the people and communities, their social customs, welfares, reforms the Social Science laboratory methodology is widely used in experimentation. A group of subjects linked with Social Sciences are taught with models, charts and various modern techniques in the school’s Social Science Lab. Math Lab We all understand that math cannot be learnt. It has to be understood and practiced. The Math lab takes this concept a little further. Here students are made to experience the various principles and fundamentals of mathematics. Students get to understand the various concepts through the feel of real objects. Smart Classrooms : Smart classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices networking, and audio/visual capabilities. The school has well equipped smart classroom to give teaching and learning a new experience. Guidance and Counselling Cell: Qualified and experienced counsellors render guidance and counselling services. The counselling cell of the school is a psychological service center. It provides assistance or intervention for children with respect to learning, emotional and behavioural differences / difficulties observed in school. The children are referred to the school counsellor by the class teachers and a preliminary assessment of the situation is made. The help is offered in terms of counselling and guiding students and parents. The cell also suggests suitable interventional remedies to handle the difficulties. The capability and the outreach of the counselling cell in the school is limited to an initial assessment of the problem.
The school is affiliated with CBSE board with Affiliation No. 531121 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a Board of Education for public and private schools under the Union Government of India. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) established in the year 1929, enjoys today the distinction of being one of the oldest and largest Boards of Secondary Education in India. The prime focus of the Board is on: The CBSE envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavour. The Board is committed to provide quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among it’s learners. It works toward evolving a learning process and environment, which empowers the future citizens to become global leader in the emerging knowledge society Innovations in teaching-learning methodologies by devising student-friendly and student-centred paradigms Reforms in examinations and evaluation practices Skill-based learning by adding job-oriented and job-linked inputs Regularly updating the pedagogical skills of the teachers and administrators by conducting in service training programmes, workshops etc
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